YeaRimDang was established in 1973. Since then, the company continues to publish books
that cultivates children’s knowledge of liberal arts and classics, culture and sensibility by publishing
children’s books on a wide variety of subjects including the nature, cultural education, science,
learning, literature, and cartoon that help to learn including Korea’s first creative fairy tale book series.
YeaRimDang’s representative book, <Why? Science Comic Book> series sold over 20 million copies
during six years (Dec, 08), becoming the new standard for break through cartoon for learning.
It is appreciated steadily among the readers from other countries as well including China, Taiwan
and Thailand as it exported to these nations.
YeaRimDang is participating in various international book fairs that are held both in and out of Korea
every year, leading the effort to introduce good books from around the world to the Korean children.
In addition to copyright importation, the company exports copyright to acquire foreign currency by exporting, and contributed to publicizing the Korean culture to the children in the world.
Going forth, YeaRimDang will serve as the guide to enlightening children’s infinitely many possibilities and to realize their goals, by spearheading the effort as the leader of the children’s book publishing by leveraging scientific management system, and by accommodating readers’ demands from various angles.
Nungin BOOK, established in 1991, is the YeaRimDang’s subsidiary company that published many diverse children‘s books, especially cartoon for learning. In particular, Classic Series (33 books) that tells the stories on the Korean ancient times via cartoon was developed, becoming a bestseller to lead the cartoon for learning market.

In addition, the company is loved by the children as it published approximately 400 books including Classical World Series (20books), EQ Biography Series (20 books), Dynasty Series (5 books) that cover the stories of the Korean Royal Family as well as Candy Books Series, which are creative cartoons on the purity.
Going forth, NI BOOK will try its best to discover promising new writers, to work on refreshing projects, to develop books that are filled with enriching culture, and to develop cartoons for learning that are interesting, fun and impressive.
JB books are a company that publishes children’s book, established in April 2005 with the desire to ‘become precious wings that dreams of the green world and tomorrow along with the children’. Until today, the company showcased children’s books in various fields ranging from ‘character publication’ to ‘Traces of Gallimard in the History’ and ‘Character Licensing Titles’ to cater to the pre-school children and elementary school children alike.

Like the name, “JB books” which means paper airplain, embraces, the company will continue to approach the minds of children, while dreaming of flapping the wings happily towards the outgoing blowing sky high to send out the hopes and dreams of all the children on this land high up into the sky.
Haenggan, a publishing company for the adults established in 2005, enjoys steady attention of the readers by publishing over 20 books to this day. Haenggan is continuing to make utmost effort to build publishing network and cultural and knowledge infrastructure that is geared towards the 21st Century.

Moreover, the company plans to continue planning for the practical books that are in line with the diverse changes taking place such as books on economy and management as well those on traveling, health etc.
Going forth, Haenggan will play the role of a bridge that reads the flow of the era’s popular culture.
YeaRim Education, the business department of the YeaRimDang’s studying material that was established in 2007 publishes studying material for the children between the ages of 2 and 7.
The company designed study of the Korean language, math and Chinese characters into a total of 560 stages, configuring it to Korea’s best program carried out for different stages and levels, and alliance was formed with the elementary schools’ curricula so that the students can adapt easily to elementary schools.
YeaRim wants to serve as the spring board upon which children can study on their own by leveraging the system that enables learning at the same time as previewing and reviewing
YeaRim Bookstore that is located on the 1st floor of the Lotte World in Jamsil after opening its door in 2006 is playing the role of a stepping stone that enables the Korean children to access the books easily and to realize the hidden joy of books and their deep meaning.

Moreover, the company plans to expand its stores to other regions moving beyond the Jamsil store.

Haeyeorim Botanical Gardens, the site for learning about ecosystem, was opened in May 2005, and it is a botanical garden of the 198,300m2 size, where visitors can see the 300 types of plants that are on the verge of extinction.
The garden helps the children to realize the rules of life whereby the nature and the human beings must co-exist by getting exposed to a diverse set of experiences to get exposed to the ecosystem.

Moreover, our country’s plants are preserved well, to lead the initiative of helping the children to recognize the value of native plants correctly.